Sovereignty in Relationship

Are there arguments, codependent patterns, toxic ways of relating, friction coming up between you and your partner?

Are you wondering if your relationship is viable for the future?

Have you separated and are trying to get clear on what happened, what is yours to own, what is not?

Are you trying to connect but end up being misunderstood or not seen/heard?

Does it feel safe to be your true self with your partner?  Are you holding parts of yourself back?

Have you lost yourself?  Forgotten who you are and why you are here? Lost touch with your desires?

Do you have a difficult time putting yourself first or giving yourself/asking for what you need?

Are you living with resentment, a fear of not good enough, or in constant competition?

Is your relationship draining and unfulfilling?

Do you know what your values are?  Do your actions support your values?

Is it difficult to trust yourself or those you are in relationship with?

Do you feel disconnected from partner and wondering what you are creating together, if anything?

Do you find yourself repeating old arguments, engaging in the same old behaviors when issues come up between you and your partner? Especially around finances, roles in the home, and work?

Do you engage in toxic behavior with your partner in front of your children, friends, family?

Are you struggling to define your role, agreements, and boundaries for yourself and in your relationships?

Is your spiritual life and awakening threatening your partner and relationship?

Do you have a partner who is not willing to do the work?

Are you navigating a change of roles, separation or ending a relationship?

If any of these are a yes, this course will be valuable for you.


Sovereignty: Knowing and trusting ourselves and staying true to our inner knowing in both word and deed

Sovereignty in Relationship:  Learning and becoming skilled at conflict resolution while staying true to our values, our dreams, and ourselves.

Course Description:

This six week course is designed to help us remember and reclaim who we truly are and begin to, or continue to, heal the wounded inner child and inherited ancestral wounds. This healing work sets the stage for healthy thriving relationship by bringing us into mental, emotional, and spiritual adulthood. 

To remember our Sovereignty, we need to know what we’re made up of, what is actually ours, and what is not. Through societal programming and the conditioning of our caretakers between the ages of 0-7, we lose touch with our original blue print and essence.  We take on what is modeled for us, which currently is a whole lot of ancestral wounding.  The resulting immature codependent coping mechanisms show up in our relationship with ourselves and with others.  

We are also all living under the influence of colonialism and oppressive patriarchy, and toxic (wounded), limiting masculinity and femininity.  It’s time to take a look at how this conditioning, and the societal waters we swim in, shape our decisions and actions from the subconscious, causing repetition of unhealthy patterns, dynamics, addictions, and relationships.

We will get in touch with our inner wisdom thru exploration of our shadows, boundaries, co-dependencies, and the role we take in power dynamics.  

We will look at how the current societal norms and culture shapes the way we interact, and causes us to manipulate ourselves and each other.  

We will learn language for what is felt but unseen, what is negatively impacting our health and thriving, in order to name it and then address it.  

We will explore how our partnerships at home affect, influence, and are mirrored in our relationships with our family, bosses, co-workers, etc.  

We will discuss the healing affects of naming, witnessing, and addressing our wounded behavior on our relationships and how that ripples out to the entire world.  

We will learn specific tools for self-healing, self-care, clear communication, clear thinking, and the basics of energetic boundaries, clearing, and cleaning.

There will be guest speakers each week to help us engage more fully with the concepts being brought.

- Course concepts Covered & Course rhythm:

  • Week 1, Sept 26th: Sovereignty- what it is, how it is a foundation for life and thriving, why it is necessary for relationship, meditation to meet Sovereign self

    -Guest Speaker: Shannon Thompson, Founder of Shakti Rising

  • Week 2, Oct 3rd: Shame, Blame, Guilt, Manipulation, Narcissism & Shadow Work- what it is, what it is for, the drama triangle, learning language for the different types of manipulation, application of shadow work, resources for learning more

  • Week 3, Oct 10th: Boundaries & Agreements- what they are, what they are based on, how to enforce, recognizing when they need to be amended and how to approach it, who to have them with, consent, staying in your own lane when applicable

    -Guest Speaker: Pixie Lighthorse, Author of Boundaries and Protection

  • Week 4, Oct 17th: Taking Ownership- Looking at where we are not Sovereign as reflected back to us in our relationships, recognizing and owning our codependent behavior, untangling power dynamics and co-dependent patterns, naming fears, addictions, and coping styles, practicing forgiveness for ourselves

    -Guest Speaker: TBA

  • Week 5, Oct 24th: Updating the Tool Kit: tools for healing/communication/listening/boundary setting/reframing

    -Guest Speaker: TBA

  • Week 6, Oct 31st: Updating the Tool Kit cont: physical and energetic practices for creating a solid centered core, and keeping energetic boundaries clean and clear (Sovereignty of the energy body), selfcare/ritual, ceremony/connection

    -Guest Speaker: TBA

Course Details:

-Thursdays 11am-12:15pm Pacific time Sept 26th- Oct 31st

-This is a 1hr 15 min interactive online class. We will meet on Zoom.  There will be roughly 50 minutes of teaching with 25 minutes reserved for practicing of tools, as we learn best when we can apply it directly to our experience!

-Links for Zoom classroom will be sent out each week via email. If you cannot make the course live, a recording will be sent out (recordings will be posted to Soundcloud). You do NOT need to be on the live call.

-Bring a journal and pen for note taking 

-Any additional PDFs of resources and materials will be sent via email

-Energy Exchange is $222 for 6 weeks.  Please make sure you are directed to the email signup page after payment is made. This is how the call links will be sent out to you. If you are not directed to the email sign up form after payment, please email me at