Becoming free of oppressive societal norms, clearing the conditioning of familial and toxic patriarchal manipulations, and reclaiming our personal power from the dogmatic and myopic religious beliefs ingrained in our psyches.  
Taking responsibility for our ability to create the life we choose.

In other words…Making decisions and taking action based on our own personal knowings and truths, not what’s “normal” or “acceptable”.  
Owning our shit and not being swayed when we know it’s right!
There are many paths to Sovereignty.  Self-help books, podcasts, meditation classes, retreats, your favorite Instagram account… But if you are at an impasse, or feeling unclear and stagnant, burnt out and in need of personalized support, one on one mentorship and guidance may be your path forward.


Remember you are your own source and that is true Freedom

-Cinnamon Rose


How I help you create the foundations for true Sovereignty

  • Mentoring first through Spirit, then Body, then Mind

  • Guiding you back to your intuition and your own inner knowing

  • Bringing you back into remembrance of how to honor your body through rhythm and ritual

  • Reawakening the connection between you and Mother Earth’s rhythms, wisdom, and messages

  • Facilitating clarity around purpose, and around the lessons being lived through

  • Empowering you to create boundaries and enforce them

  • Showing you how to give yourself permission to trust yourself, to trust your own inner knowings, and then act on what you know

  • Illuminating the shadows of your programmed and fear based behavior, the hidden motivations that drive your decisions without you understanding or permission or conscious realization

  • Teaching tools and techniques to move you from surviving to thriving

  • Working with you to heal the the hurts and wounds and trauma that has been ignored and covered up

  • Helping you to differentiate between judgement and discernment

  • Assisting in reclamation of your personal power from others, and places you are holding it back

  • Bringing a sense of gratitude, appreciation, and personal joy back into your life

  • Witnessing with compassion the heartache, anger, grief, denial, rage, pain, self-loathing, and other exiled emotions as they come up for you

  • Serving as your accountability partner, and reflecting back your own personal truths

  • Using my intuitive abilities to address your questions, and listen for the deeper, underlying messages


Results of claiming your Sovereignty

  • Increased awareness and knowledge of self, including habitual behavior patterns and wound triggers

  • Healing of heartbreak, hurts, and wounds, creating a toolkit of techniques to self-soothe and increase ability to be present with uncomfortable emotions

  • Increased understanding of what intuition is and why it is integral to Sovereignty

  • Creating or increasing capacity to hear own internal knowings/intuition using tricks of the trade

  • Understanding of when, where, and what boundaries are for, and how to enforce them skillfully

  • Intimate understanding body’s specific needs (these are unique to each of us!) and development of rhythms and ritual to meet those unique needs

  • Increase in health, energy, flow, and joy

  • Clarity around individual frictions (relationships, financial situations, strong emotions etc), and clarity around the larger picture

  • Creation of next steps based on personal intuition

  • Intention based actions turning stagnation or friction into forward movement