Say YES to Sovereignty: 

The First Step

This is where we start.  The simple act of saying yes to doing something differently, and seeking out help initiates a change in favor of your freedom.  And once the frequency of that path gets activated, you are already stepping into your Sovereignty.  If you have anything you know you’ve been going in circles with and you just can’t circle one more time, if there is a relationship or a role you are struggling with, or if you are already in motion but have questions about next steps, this is the focus, clarity, and inspired, empowering guidance you are looking for.


Who this is for:

  • Women who feel stuck, confused, frustrated, unable to move forward, but know it is time to be free of the those feelings, thought patterns, and habits 
  • Women who can feel there is something more for life, business, partnerships, relationships and need a little clarity and a different perspective 
  • Women who are yearning to be free; free from a situation, free from outgrown roles, free from stale agreements, and free to follow their own inner knowings 


3 hours of focused one-on-one mentoring, 4 weeks of email support and accountability, and creation of action plan to move you forward on your path 

  • Initial 2 hour session focused on your current frictions, and the obstacles keeping you from your desires
  • Session unfolds according to what you bring and what my intuition tells me
  • Session includes creation of personal rituals, teaching of tools relevant to your specific needs/current frictions, assignments, and next steps
  • Follow-up 1 hr call for refining of ritual, tools, next steps etc, to be scheduled at the end of first session
  • 4 weeks of accountability and email support Mon-Fri

Energetic exchange: $269 - Payment plan available 

Pay in Full $269

Payment Plan $285 = $170/$115

(60% up front/30% by third week)

Please email for details


Sovereign Self-Care

This gets down to the practical basics of putting BODY first and honoring it as the intuitive, intelligent, truth telling vessel it is.  Together we look at what is calling out for your attention via your body’s communication methods (pain, sleeplessness, exhaustion, fatigue, anxious feelings, other body sensations) and create rituals to get you re-aligned with what your body truly needs, in conjunction with the natural cyclical rhythms of the earth, moon and stars.  When we honor the body like the Sovereign Souls we are, we tap into the mystic flow of creation that comes directly from Spirit. 

Created to be a committed full body honoring with concentrated intention to move from surviving to thriving.  If you are an exhausted mother, entrepreneur, healer, light-worker, or know something is just not right, this is the restorative reset your body is calling for.



Who this is for:

  • Women with exhaustion, chronic fatigue, and other symptoms of stress, overwork, and imbalance
  • Women unsure how to create self-care ritual or need an update to current ritual
  • Woman wanting to learn how to be in sync with the cycles of the earth and moon
  • Women who are ready to understand the intricate interweaving of BODY and SPIRIT and how our thought patterns, habits and choices physically impact our body 


4 weeks of guidance, support and accountability, focused one on one mentoring, creation of personalized self care ritual and daily rhythms, energetic healing session, and help moving into a state of thriving

  • Focused on unique needs of individual client, each program looks different based on what works and feels good to your precious body
  • Personalized assignments, creation of daily ritual and rhythms, and healing based on your body’s needs
  • 4 weeks of guidance and mentoring, total of 6 calls 
  • 2 hr Initial call to go over current rhythms and routines, whatever issues are coming up (anxiety, body aches, sleeplessness, etc) and creation of ritual guided by your body’s intuition and natural rhythm of the season
  • Second 1 hr call in first week for accountability check in and refining of new body rituals and daily rhythms  
  • 1 hour call per week for following three weeks for further development and refining of rituals and rhythms especially as new issues come up
  • 1 hour healing meditation call: scheduling of call dependent on needs and timing of client
  • Email support for duration of mentorship, M-F during regular business hours

Energetic exchange: $997 - Payment plan avaliable

Pay in Full$997

Payment Plan $1032 = $688/$344 

(60% up front/30% by third week)

Please email for details


The Sovereign Queen

This is the in-depth journey that leads to our highest calling. 

This is where we bring curiosity and compassion to the exploration of all parts of you, with the intention of creating integration and alchemization that sets the stage for healings, transformations, and clarity of purpose.  There will be shadow work.  There will be discomfort.  There will be stretching and expansion.  There will be radical responsibility taking.  There will be perspective shifts.  And there will be freedom

Whether you are just beginning to be aware of the path laid out for you, or you are well into your journey of Sovereignty and Queen-hood, this offering is the extra help and guidance we need at times to move us forward into our highest calling.


who this is for:

  • Women going through major life transitions: deaths, births, awakenings, heartbreak, loss, divorce, career change, leave takings, etc
  • Women ready to accept their birthright of Queen (one who is taken care of so she may be of service to the greater good) and ruler of their own personal domain within their family, community, and their work in the world


12 weeks of one on one mentoring, witnessing, guiding and space-holding, tarot reading, guided meditation, energetic healing session, sharing of tools, creation of liberation plan

  • 12 weeks of support (3 months)  
  • 2 hr intro call, including simple tarot reading (week 1)  
  • 1 hr guided meditation to meet your Sovereign Self (week 1) 
  • 1 1hr call per week for the remaining 11 weeks (week 2-12) which includes: Personalized teachings of various tools designed to help you understand, hear, and know your Sovereign Self (to be shared during weekly calls, based on your specific challenges) and Personalized Self Care Practices
  • 1hr call for energy clearing/healing session: scheduling of call dependent on needs and timing of client
  • Co-Creation of Liberation Plan: personalized to your specific dreams and desires, designed to help you take ownership of your direction and destiny, with me as an accountability partner - this is a plan YOU write out as it comes from your soul/higher self, my role is as mentor helping you learn to hear what your soul is telling you 
    • initiated as prompts, assignments, and reading recommendations to help you create your new foundations
  • Email support for duration of mentorship, M-F during regular business hours


  • Stress relief and support through transition
  • Identifying underlying wounds and healing heartache
  • Clarity of needs and desires around lifetime goal setting
  • Deepened relationship with your body and its innate needs
  • Learning how to, and practicing speaking your truth from a place of personal, centered knowing
  • Discovering and learning to enforce your boundaries, giving yourself permission
  • Honoring your anger and rage, and navigating skilled responses 
  • Feeling your grief and loss
  • Understanding the wisdom available with surrender
  • Cultivating self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others
  • Creation of your own personal toolkit to use for future transitions
  • Feeling empowered to make heart led choices rooted in self-awareness

Energetic exchange: $3,997 - Payment plan available

Pay in full$3,997


Payment Plan $4332 =

three monthly payments of $1,444

Please email for details