Priestess Mentorship



Working with a Priestess Mentor begins with Spirit. 

That is the creative force, the Source of where all things originate, including ourselves.  It underlies everything we feel, and every action we take.  We know it is always working through us, by us, and for us.

Working with a Priestess Mentor means learning to tend to and regard Body first.  Our bodies are the intuitive truth teller in all situations, and they are our sacred responsibility as Spirit made manifest.  They are intimately interwoven with our Earth Mother, Gaia, and how we honor our bodies and the body of Gaia is the key to accessing our Sovereignty.

Working with a Priestess Mentor means doing the work of diving into the shadow parts of our Minds where things are murky and hidden, running things without our knowing.  When they are clear and free from old programming, habits, and patterns, our minds are powerful manifestors of our dreams and our creations.



Mentorship offerings

Single sessions- 1 session of mentoring

in person, by phone, or via video conference

Focused guidance for those with who are looking for clarity around a single issue.  These sessions are best for those who have worked with me before, or those looking for “pay as you go” flexibility. 

These sessions include one call and two follow up emails.

Energetic exchange is $222



Multiple session packages

These offerings are where in-depth, radical, personalized co-creation happens.  The mentorship and support offered is based on the very specific needs of YOU, and are determined after we meet for the free 30 min call.  The details of the offering will be different for each person.  I have found that what is the most meaningful, and therefore has the greatest impact, is to create a package/mentoring agreement based on exactly what YOU need.  We are not one size fits all.

Often a second call is necessary to really gain clarity on what is needed.  One of my gifts is being able see the separate pieces and finding the common thread that binds them all together.  This is how I "name" the package, and that is what gives it intention, purpose, energy, and the ability to create change in the direction of your higher purpose and fullest potential.  This is basic spell creation and drawing on the magic to assist with transformation in the physical and mundane reality.

Some examples of the packages clients and I have created:

Walking in Beauty

Creating the Matriarchy

Surrender into Harmony

Calling in the Queen

Sovereign Self Care

We will work out the details of how often to meet and for how long once we know what we are co-creating. Whatever we create, there will be elements of self-care, connecting with Gaia and her rhythms, and creating ritual woven in.  These are all pieces that are naturally part of us taking ownership of our earth walk, and how they show up for each of us is completely unique since we have each have different focuses and frequency resonances.

The energetic exchange of these packages range anywhere from $999 to $4,444 (max four months of engagement) and will be determined by your specific needs, and your willingness to commit to yourself (in the form of monetary investment and time, whatever that amount may be for you).  Payment plans are available and reflect the extra energy and time needed to keep track of billing.

You are co-creator of your life, you have the power to choose.

To get started, please schedule a time for a 30 minute call.  



When I began working with Cinnamon Rose, my blind spot was a tangle of logistical issues between my business partner and I. Resentments were creeping in and eroding the integrity of what we were building. Cinnamon bears a gift of assessment that caught those little threads of imbalance, but before I was put on task to address them, we had to work on my energy levels. I loved that she helped me create solid routines with my diet and daily habits that strengthened me for the work that lay ahead. Eight months later, the on-the-ground issues have been reconfigured and I have anchors that help me reinforce what I’m trying to create in my life.
When Cinnamon asked me what brought me joy, I replied with “Order!”. It’s been lovely to also build in a strategy for organizing my home and work life (intimately intertwined) so that I can experience more regularly the soft smile of doing satisfying work without my exterior world being in chaos.
I’ve found her coaching style to be a blend of supportive language + concepts and serious strategizing techniques for getting me back on track. What helped me have confidence in her as my wellness coach is that she’s been through it-the stuff of life that poses big obstacles to fluid growth. We partnered to see what I could create when we put our heads together, and the results have been amazing. I think I’d still be floundering around with loose threads and increasing aggravation had we not jumped into conversation together to dig deep and find resolution! Instead, less than a year later, major corners have been turned and the work I’m able to commit to is much more of what feels fulfilling and purposeful. The added bonus is that my biz partner and I are stronger and better equipped for fair and equitable agreements.
— Pixie Lighthorse, Author of Boundaries & Protection, Oregon
I’ve worked with several coaches over the years and Cinnamon is in a class all her own. I am so grateful to be working with her. Her unique style and tremendous gifts have been so effective for me to be able to move forward with the things I am most wanting to do. Her personality is a perfect match to push me as a leader and also give me the support I need. She knows when to push and when to nurture. I need both.
I love the way Cinnamon helps me to get in tune with the amazing technology of my own body to get to my own unique answers. She has helped me to trust myself and my own intuition. Since beginning my work with her, I have consistently tapped into the way my body is feeling as a barometer of how to choose my next action and decision. She asks the perfect questions and listens so intently, asking more questions that she could have thought up only because she was listening so closely to me and to her own intuition.
I appreciate the way she stays true to what I told her my goals were from the beginning and keep directing me back to my own path. I appreciate the way she does not interject her own opinions but helps me to stay true to my deepest truth. She holds me accountable to my own truth, in a way that is both bold and gentle. It is such a gift in my life!
No matter how many times I work with her, I am always surprised at how much better I feel after a session with Cinnamon. She helps me to clear away everything that is confusing and distracting me, and boils everything down to the purity of my own path and my own wisdom. I leave our interactions feeling light, powerful and ready to take on my life with a simple and succinct list of things to do that feel very true to me. This is a tremendous help because of the constant load of thoughts and feelings that are filling my brain. When I’m done with a session with her, all that is left is the things that are truest and best for ME. It has helped me time and time again and I wish this experience for all leaders. I would whole heartedly recommend Cinnamon as a coach, especially for leaders, healers and helpers. 
— Melody Ross, Brave Living, Idaho