The Magdalene Oracle Deck

A deck comprised of the lost teachings of the Magdalene, recovered through each of us and the gnosis of her wisdom.

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She came through Lovingly,
And So. Very. Clear…

Create a deck that shares my teachings in their fullness, that comes from ALL of those who know me and carry a unique piece of my wisdom. Re-write my story, all of our stories, by gathering those who carry my name, who have known my grief and my joy, who understand passion and the purpose of life incarnate, who know the beauty, devotion, and creation mysteries of the Divine Feminine and Spirit.

Bring together the separate pieces, each petal of the rose being held by individuals, so that it may be whole and seen again, taking its place beside the Divine Masculine once more, and restoring the Balance.


There is a project wanting to be birthed

It is a multi layered project that re-writes the stories of the Magdalene, of the way we support each other, of the way we share resources, and of how we can all exist in the world together, each of us separate, and part of a greater whole…  

There was time we understood resources to be more than money. We understood resources were the unique gifts each of us held, brought together for the good of all, for the creation of what was most needed. This understanding is coming back as the Divine Feminine retakes her place besides the Divine Masculine. Each of us holds a gift, a piece of wisdom that contributes to the larger picture.

This project is a chance to remember that when our individual wisdom is to be shared, not because we will then be owed, but because it generates more abundance in the field that supports us all.

How this idea came to be

Two single divorced mothers, Cinnamon Rose and Stacy de la Rosa, came together to pool resources. During the course of conversation, the topic of how to create safety and thriving for ourselves and our children came up. There was the acknowledgement of the challenges of being a divorced mother, single, raising children and creating an income stream with resources that were stretched thin.  It seemed there had to be another way to exist in these overlapping identities that was generative, restorative, and gave back; that would serve both their needs and the greater good.  We compared our gifts and talents and realized between the two of us, we could create a beautiful Oracle deck. And since we both carry the Rose name, we could work with the Magdalene, as we each clearly held a piece of her wisdom.

And that is when the Magdalene herself showed up, offering guidance around the how and why.

Because, we realized it’s not enough for just two of us to collaborate, trying to piece together the wisdom of the Divine Feminine to create a sustainable way of life. We ALL need to gather. We need to gather the wisdom, the resources, the ways of being that move us out of a system of power over and oppression, to one that is truly a shared experience where we ALL thrive through the act of giving and receiving.

This is a S-T-R-E-T-C-H in the best possible way, asking others to give with trust that what will be received will be greater than each piece individually. It is a stretch to put faith in something that does not look like the “normal” transactional way of exchanging resources. It is a stretch to put this idea into the world knowing that our individual ideas around resources and compensation have been tied to money for so long, many may not resonate with the thought of contributing for the greater good and cannot imagine a different type of ROI.

And that is exactly why we are doing this. The Magdalene was clear. Come together to change the paradigm. Call in the collective energies of the Divine Feminine and witness how it ripples out. And we are answering the call. Will you?

What we are looking for

If sharing your wisdom of or from the Magdalene for the good of all resonates with you, we are looking for a teaching to be included in the Oracle deck. The deck is traditional in that each card will have one word or phase with a corresponding image. A written description of how the Magdalene shared her wisdom with you, and what it means, will be included in the accompanying book. Stacy will create the images from each submission, and Cinnamon will work with each person who submits to make sure the teaching is clear and understandable for others.

To learn what the exact submission requirements are, please sign up below to receive an email from us. To see sample images of Stacy’s style, scroll down!

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All above images are samples images. The actual images of the deck will reflect the teachings shared with us, and will definitely include roses among other sacred imagery.