Earth Rhythms


Sovereign Self Care Course

As we move around the Wheel of the Year and through the seasons, there is a natural rhythm that informs the type, frequency, and feel of the self care our body needs.

If we are tuned in and listening, we can hear what is in alignment for our beautiful animal bodies, and what will nourish us so we may show up in our lives resourced, vibrant, and thriving.

If you do not feel like you are thriving, and “self-care” as prescribed by the industry feels vague and unattainable, and perhaps even stressful, this course offers a simpler way to take care of yourself.

In this course we will be learning our own unique language of our bodies to understand exactly what is needed when, in connection with the season we are in. 

We will cover:

  • the seasons and what energies each of them brings

  • examples of practices to experiment with for each season

  • the different areas of self-care and how to notice if they are being met

  • what Sovereign Self-care is and why it is foundational, necessary, and non-negotiable for true thriving and living out our life's purpose

  • the connection between self-care and Spirit and our own divinity

  • how to truly hear what your body is needing, and dig into why/how we ignore what it's telling us

  • the connection between self-care and our beliefs/judgements about our value and place in the world

  • the role of resentment, blame, shame, and guilt, and how they prevent us from putting ourselves first

All of the above to be covered in 4 live 1 hour video calls via Zoom with a Q&A at the end.  Calls will be recorded for those unable to make it live.  PDFs with the basic info outlined, as well as self-exploratory journal prompts to be included.  Dates: Apr 2nd, 9th, 16th, & 23rd 2019, 11am Pacific.

Price for course is $39. Emails with link to live calls and other materials will be sent out weekly.