Deep Dive into Self-Care & Sovereignty

This is an intimate group setting created for experiential learning (the group) and mentoring (myself as Priestess mentor), specifically around the real time issues that come up in our quest for Sovereignty and our efforts to create nourishing self-care rhythms.

Over the course of six days, we will gather to work through individual challenges, to address issues in the moment and uncover blocks, old stories, outdated habits, and immature behaviors. (These are behaviors learned in childhood that need updating—> No shame here please! This is ALL of us!).

WHat to expect from me:

-mentoring as Priestess, meaning a compassionate impartial energy that is seeing the larger picture


-mentoring as a human woman with her own life experiences (aka fuck ups, failures, wins etc) and gnosis (embodied wisdom, the stuff I know in my bones) to draw from

-I will also tie in the seasonal energies, the astrological weather, and offer ritual, assignments, and other tools to support you where you are at and to help you create ACTION as well as understanding

The aim of doing this in a small group setting is to:

-learn from each other and bear witness to each other’s inner wisdom and knowledge gained through life experience

-have the experience of creating a small group container, with boundaries and agreements, that is meant for healing, support, tending each other (without the martyr vibes), uncovering and speaking truth, and being seen in any discomfort that arises without judgement

-sharing resources with each other and creating a community pool to draw from

-learning how to establish respectful connection with “strangers”, practicing being open to another, and practicing discerning intuition from fear based story telling when it comes to meeting others where they are (and seeing what they reflect back to you!)

-getting support, feedback, new ideas, and having ah-ha moments around the issues that feel like blocks or limitations to true self-care and Sovereignty

Offering details:

-6 days, Sunday Mar. 17th- Friday Mar. 22nd

-2 hr call on Sunday Mar. 17th 10am PST-12pm PST

-1 hr call Mon 18th-Fri 22nd 5-6PM PST

-all calls will be schedule via Zoom, links will be provided in the welcome email

-no more than 15 participants

-Private GroupMe thread for supporting each other during and beyond the 6 day deep dive

-Energy exchange is $150