About Cinnamon Rose


Priestess.  In this lifetime and many others before.  Channel between the mystical, co-creative void and the dream that it is this reality. 

Warrior.  Energy of the Warrior Queens who have come before.  Setting and protecting boundaries, and all that is sacred.  Fighting for freedom, personally and collectively.

Lover.  Moving from the original impulse of the universe.  Tapping into the expansion and connection of the Heart.  Honoring Eros, the creative spark and primal life force energy that moves through us all.

In service to the larger plan and evolution of all.

Hi.  I’m Cinnamon Rose.

Here is a little bit about why I do what I do and how I do it…

I am a trained Priestess, intuitive, and healer.  I began doing healing work in the field of Exercise Science and Nutrition, wanting to help others, and quickly realized something was missing. Science did not have the full picture, and I personally was not going to be able to make changes in my own life, much less help others, or have meaningful impact without an education in the realm of Spirit, energy, and what was behind human behavior.  I have since filled in the gaps in my education learning from spiritual mentors, teachers in the field of trauma, and my own journey of self-discovery.

In my work I weave together multiple disciplines in the area of the body, mind, and Spirit, and our connection to the Earth to create prescriptions for health, wellness, and healing.   

One of my areas of focus is understanding what self-care really is and why it is foundational for life.  I also teach Sovereignty, borne of everything I have learned on my own quest to be free to express who I truly am.  The relationship with self and relationship with others is another foundational focus, and comes from my personal life experience healing the ancestral wound of self worth and understanding how our wounds play out through the dynamics of our relationships, especially narcissistic relationships.  

As a trained Priestess, I have developed skills to hear the subtle energies and messages, and be the neutral mirror that reflects.  I use my gift of being able to clearly see connections to make sense of what is happening in the story of other’s lives and paths, and to pull out the truth of a circumstance. 

Everything I mentor around I have lived thru and continue to heal, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, healing the mother wound, reparenting the inner child, healing ancestral wounding and karma, learning to parent in a healthy way, divorce, and understanding the oppressive patriarchal waters we swim in.  

With this experience, I provide prescriptions for wellness and healing thru aligned action, whether you already know yourself as a self healer and are well on this path, or you are just beginning to look at your own shadow, wounds, and unconscious behaviors.  I know first hand how difficult and painful this work is, how ugly it can seem, and this is what allows me to compassionately hold a container for others’ full selves, both the dark and the light, to be expressed, seen, accepted, and embraced.

I live in Central Oregon with my two children and am currently puzzling out how to be a single mom, and provide what the three of us need all while keeping my adrenals and myself healthy and fully functioning. When I am not mothering, teaching classes or mentoring clients, I pole dance and practice exotic movement to keep the energy flowing and the creative fires burning.