About Cinnamon Rose


Priestess.  In this lifetime and many others before.  Channel between the mystical, co-creative void and the dream that it is this reality. 

Warrior.  Energy of the Warrior Queens who have come before.  Setting and protecting boundaries, and all that is sacred.  Fighting for freedom, personally and collectively.

Lover.  Moving from the original impulse of the universe.  Tapping into the expansion and connection of the Heart.  Honoring Eros, the creative spark and primal life force energy that moves through us all.

In service to the highest and deepest good of all beings everywhere. In service to the larger plan and evolution of all.


Cinnamon Rose is an Initiated Priestess of Avalon. Deep immersion into a three year apprenticeship, including initiations, vow taking ceremonies, creating ritual, and intense shadow work with her own wounds prepared her to create healing containers for others.

Born and raised in Hawaii, and a hula dancer from age 5, she was immersed in the culture of Aloha, and learned a deep respect for the 'Aina (land) and the Kūpuna (ancestors).  Her piko was dedicated to the Goddess Pele when she was three days old, creating a bond with the lands and fires of creation and destruction.  She became Alaka'i (assistant teacher) of her hula halau by age 15, and accepted the responsibility of being keeper of the stories.  This upbringing laid the foundation for her connection to Spirit, both her own, and the greater Divine intelligence that is the source of all things.

The years between age 11 and 28 were the years which provided the experiences that became the foundational elements of the alchemical transformation from Victim, Martyr, and Tyrant, to Sovereign QueenWarriorLover and Priestess.  In plain speak, those are the years she received the wounds so she could reap the wisdom later on.  These transformative experiences are what she draws on when she mentors, and are the reasons she works to heal others through compassion, understanding, and one on one guidance.

Cinnamon is Mother to two bright souls, and lives in Central Oregon where she lets her Wild Woman run naked in the snow, calls down the moonlight with her Sorceress, and performs feats of strength and endurance with her Warrior in her favorite Crossfit gym.