Priestess Mentor and Sovereignty Coach


Offering mentoring

Intuitive Health Assessments

For spirit, body, and mind.  


Ask The Priestess:

The Impersonal energy of the mirror that reflects

Ask me a question about a specific life issue.  I will respond via a mini email reading.  

$30 per inquiry

Your answer will be based in intuition, the current astrology, the collective currents, and embodied wisdom, aka life experience.


In-depth Priestess Mentorship


Spiritual Mentoring

Intuitive Guidance

Shadow work for self-Healing

Energy Basics for SElf-Care

In rhythm with the Earth and Sky

all with a deep reverence for your sacred path and calling,

your unquestionable right to be here, 

be Sovereign

And create the reality you dream of for yourself, for your loved ones, for the planet




To me, Cinnamon is a wonderful unique blend of friend, mentor, life-coach, spiritual guide and – of course – wise priestess. If you are considering a session… do it… you will not regret it!
— Sarah Cruickshank, London
My session with Cinnamon was grounding and self affirming. She did not bring her own story into her coaching advice as so many others do - I felt completely heard, encouraged and supported to see things beyond my “blinkered” vision. Afterwards I felt full of energy, with a stronger sense of self that I have not gained before.
— Rachel Claire Zadro, Australia
“I wasn’t sure what to expect going into my experience with Cinnamon. She asked me to think of any area of friction in my life, and I felt overwhelmed at trying to narrow down what was most pressing for me at the time. I was also just coming from a busy day before our appointment so upon the start of our session, I was feeling very un-grounded. Even stressed. By the end of our session together I was flipped 180 degrees.

Cinnamon helped turn my feelings of overwhelm and powerlessness into empowerment and inspiration! She also helped tie all of my seemingly, unrelated issues (to me at least) together so I could really work on the common root problem of all of them. These insights were exactly what I needed to hear and understand to move forward in my life. She couldn’t have been more precise at addressing the most pressing behaviors that I was unconscious to and needed to see.

She did all of this so naturally. She feels fluid and nonjudgmental but also very clear and precise. She’s magical and SO smart, but also very practical. She WAY surpassed any expectations I had and left me feeling grounded, empowered, and awakened. It was an honor to work with her and a blessing to recieve her clarity, and practical action steps that I needed to level up in my life! I would and will recommend Cinnamon to anyone! She’ll help you take the reins back in your life, help you see what you were missing, and guide you clearly and practically on how to move forward. And it all feels like magic in the end!!
— Myriah Quintela, New York


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